Will Your Trading Benefit From Trading Coaching?

If you have been trading for a while and are still not profitable you may be missing aspects in your trading strategy which, if identified, could turn your trading round quickly and trading coaching could provide this breakthrough.

Here are the main reasons why trading success is so elusive.

There is a fundamental error most traders, especially beginning traders, make who are starting out on their new career. They believe that finding a system to trade is the only answer to success. They start out searching for suitable systems and strategies.

This is closely followed by a belief that trading is predominantly about disciplining yourself to follow a routine. This belief is also promoted widely over the Internet by many trading coaches. It creates unnecessary pressure and prolongs the path to success as you are constantly judging yourself against your benchmarks.

And then there is the belief that in order to be successful you need to work very hard and know it all, which often results in total information overload. You actually need to know far less than you think, alas you need to know what kind of knowledge you have to access to make your trading successful. True success should be easy and the pursuit of it should and can be enjoyed, only then will you get a deep sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from your trading career that will permeate your entire life experience.

De-bunking the myth

The reality though is a very different one: Your trading success or failure are purely dictated by your trading psychology. Unless you get this right no trading mentor teaching you trading systems will get you to be consistently successful. On the other hand, if your trading psychology is right you will do whatever is necessary to be successful, and that of course includes developing the right trading strategy for your trading personality.

Your biggest hurdle is that you are unaware of what you do not know about yourself. This is so because you are deeply engrossed in your identity and this inhabits you from seeing beyond your present existence and past experiences. It prevents you from adopting the behaviours and thinking of successful traders.

The main benefits from trading psychology coaching.

With trading psychology coaching you get to discover your true essence. You are stripping off the beliefs and conditioning which have masked you true personality and stopped you from fully stepping into your unlimited potential. A good trading psychology coach will expand you way beyond your trading and open you up to receiving greater self knowledge.
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