Trade Show Best Practices - 5 Tips for Success

1. Choose Your Trade Shows Wisely

Don't choose to exhibit at conventions that are brand new. While this might seem unfair to a new event, you need to be sure that you are maximizing your time, effort and money. Going to each convention takes time and resources, and you can't afford to waste your time. This means that you need to be sure that the trade shows you go to have a record of success. After all, you want to reach the decision-makers and lots of them!

2. Promote Your Trade Show Appearances
There are more ways than ever to promote your exposition appearances, and you certainly want to take advantage of all of your diverse and growing options. What are the best ways to promote your trade show appearances? At the very top of the list is social media and mailing list. Reaching people via these two routes can prove very effective and definitely fit into trade show best practices.
If you are looking for the most cost effective means of promoting your convention, you will certainly want to consider your different social media options. It is important that your current customers know about your appearances as well. As every good business person knows, making the most out of your current customers is critical to your long term success.

3. Have a Great Display Booth
Catching a potential customer's eye is always key, no matter how you are trying to reach them. Conventions are, of course, no exception. Consider all the different designs and sizes at your disposal, as you can be certain that selecting the right one will in fact make a world of difference. The first suggestion for trade show best practices is to make sure you have high quality graphics. The trade show display should reflect your corporate image.

4. Invest in a Quality Team
Quality at every level counts. The team that you bring with you to each trade show will serve as a representative of your company. Perplexingly, many people forget this simple, but undeniable fact of business. Don't just hire random people from Craigslist a few days before the show. Make sure that the people you bring are prepared and well trained, otherwise you could turn hot leads into cold ones and lose many potentially valuable new clients.
Each and every one of the team members should generate leads. They should also look professional as well. Remember, at this stage of the game, the majority of the people you meet at a convention will likely have nothing else to go on than their first impressions of you, your staff and your products. How you present yourself and your company is thus key towards building a new, lasting and profitable relationship.

5. Follow Up With Leads
The final tip in our list of trade show best practices is to follow up on your leads. People are busy and often will forget all about you if you don't work to remind them. Don't put this task on the back-burner, instead follow up in a prompt and professional manner.
Paul Daily writes for Metro Exhibits, a nationwide trade show provider. Offering a full range of trade show display solutions from custom, portable, rental, and accessories. With offices in NY and Las Vegas, Metro Exhibits can service exhibits anywhere in the country.
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