Success at Work With Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence can get you far. You can be as smart and educated as a Nobel laureate, but if your competence is not matched by confidence, you will fail to reach your full potential.
Think of Nikola Tesla.
Who you say?
Nikola Tesla invented the alternate current, wireless transmission of power, vertical take-off aircraft and many other things. Yet barely no-one has heard of this man.
How can that be?
He was a typical example of a brilliant brain that was not matched with self-marketing skills and the ability to confidently put a foot down and claim credit for his inventions. Others did that for him. The likes of Thomas Edison and companies like Westinghouse.

For you, dear reader, it is very important to be a confident person, especially at work, and especially if your work is utilizing your above-average intelligence.

But what personality traits define a confident person? Here's my list:
- The ability to approach others, including strangers, to make them help solving a problem.
- The ability to hold solid eye-contact during conversations, both when listening and speaking.
- The ability to have extended conversations, even those that never leave the realm of small-talk.
- The ability to be funny and tell a joke from time to time.
- The ability to attract and talk to members of the opposite sex whenever he or she wishes.
- The ability to stand his ground in disputes and defend his own point of view.
- The drive to take decisions after careful consideration and then sticking to them.
- The ability to negotiate down the price for anything.
- An unapologetic stance towards life. Knowing, that we all make mistakes, there is no need to berate oneself for any.
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