Excellence at Work - Steps to Finding Success on the Job

Congratulations...You Landed Your Great New Job! Now what do you do?

Follow these steps to success on the new job.

1) Greet Everyone With A Smile.
Introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Keep track of their names in a notebook. Learn all your co-workers names as quickly as possible. People want to work with people they like... be likeable!

2) Get To Work Early, Stay Late.
Employers don't value employees who come in late and are ready to leave the very moment quitting time arrives. Look, you're new. You have a pretty steep learning curve. Showing you are the type of person willing and eager to get up to speed quickly is what employers love to see in a new hire.

3) Ask Lots Of Questions.
You're new, that's how you learn. As I mentioned previously, asking questions shows that you are interested in the job and eager to get up to speed as quickly as possible. You have to learn the details of the job before you can excel, asking questions is how you learn.

4) Do More Than Requested.
Don't sit around idle. If you finish a task you are given, ask for more to do. Everyone's job has certain menial tasks that don't require much training. If you are all caught up, offer to help one of your colleagues with some of these type of tasks. They will love you for the help.

5) Take The Job Home With You.
When you are starting a new job it isn't a nine- to -five proposition. Research your new company and the processes or systems you are using. If allowed, take some of your work home. If there is a part of your new job that you are struggling with, search for additional training resources at home. Google can be your friend. Search for the additional training you need. There are hundreds of educational videos on YouTube as well as hundreds of articles on great sites like EzineArticles. This effort will pay big dividends very quickly and will set you apart from other employees.

6) Don't Get Involved In Office Gossip.
Become part of the group and go to lunch when asked, etc. You want to fit into the group but don't participate in the petty office gossip. Treat everyone with respect and you will earn their respect as well.

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