Climbing All the Way Up to Be the Top Salesperson

Have you ever wondered what makes a different from one salesperson to another? I have taken some of my leisure time to analyze this situation. Competitions are all over the place. Can you imagine a salesperson who sells medical equipment has lots of competitors? As an example; being a salesperson myself before this current job, I have to sell a particular brand; and at the same time I need to compete with other well-known brands. What makes me different from the other salesperson? And what kind of character you need to have to become the top salesperson?

1. Be calm and don't worry about big NOs
Salesperson who categorized themselves under the hard-core salesperson never afraid of NO sign. They never take it personally what has been said by their potential customers. They look up the big NO as a challenge that they need to achieve or to strike with victory. Salesperson has to understand on the human behaviour which is scared of changes or new technology. As a salesperson, they need to demonstrate their capability in understanding potential customers' needs and demands. Each requirements from different potential customers need to be treated as an important issues that need to be delivered successfully in order to gain customers' trusts. Salesperson who goes a long mile to satisfy the customers won't be hesitated as their hard work will always gain successful recognition.

2. Humbleness
Humbleness should always be portrayed in a salesperson. Salesperson needs to learn how to be a down-to-earth-person in order to maintain customers' integrity. Humbleness is always related to leadership skills. Being a leader in his own field, he needs to tackle the customers with humbleness. No matter what are the obstacles along the way while facing the customers, the salesperson need be humble and learn the 'soft skill' in understanding others. 'Soft skill' is always related to understand the needs of others; motivate and communicate with people. Salesperson who has the ability to demonstrate this attitude will have a bright success in the future.

3. Be yourself and be confident with who you are
However, many salespersons are not confident and have the difficulty with self-esteem. Being a salesperson, you need to be comfortable in your own shoes before understanding others' needs.
Confident is another determinant in reflecting a salesperson. Think positive and let others see the value of your thinking. Selling your thinking and product should come in a same way. From the potential customers' view, a salesperson needs to have positive thinking about his product, or not it will reflect the customers' choice.

4. Follow ups
This is another important point that always been left out by a salesperson. A big NO will always attached with no further follow ups. This is a negative thinking. If you want to be a top notch salesperson, follow ups is another must. This will create awareness among the potential customers. Competitors exist anywhere in any kind of industry, so it's only a matter of time on creating a successful moments. Giving up at the first stage won't be a necessary step in closing a deal. Follow ups is use to give ideas and open up the potential customers to new technology and changes.
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