Secret To Success - Being Human At Work

Utilizing your passion, avoiding procrastination and revamping your soft skills are some of the most important tips for success in business. I'd like to add one more important factor to succeed more in your line of work. And that is:

Be human

In this competitive world, we work so hard and so much, and sometimes so ruthlessly, we start resembling machines. No emotions, just tasks at hand. But to succeed more, and to enjoy the success, you have to remember your human nature. Start small by paying more attention to the world around you. And use the most important, but often forgotten words of pleasure - thank you and please.

Your ego should be healthy enough to use these two words often and better yet, never enough. Say it to your colleagues, employees, clients, anyone who crosses your path inside and outside your workplace.

In fact, take out some time from your busy schedule to send out handwritten notes of thank-you to your clients, or anyone you want to show your appreciation for. It might be an old fashioned way of communication but whoever receives such genuine tokens of appreciation will definitely be thankful for your efforts, thus helping you build a better rapport with them. And of course, better relationships yield better results, whether being more productive, or making a sale.

Another way to show your humanity at work is to SMILE. A smile can brighten your mood. A smile is contagious, thus brightening the moods of others around you. And at tough times, a smile can get rid of the stress you and your colleagues might face. A smile can bring hope, thus motivating you to keep going, and not give up at bleak situations.

And finally, there's your attitude. Adopt a cut-throat attitude, and you'll pretty much be at the receiving end of some ruthless animosity from others around you. However, adopt a positive attitude, and welcome a more friendly, more productive environment at work.

There are of course many other ways to being human. Set the standards high, and you'll encourage others to follow your example. And all this can lead to more success in business.
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