Pop-Up Display Boards for Trade Show Success

Regardless of the industry you are in, competition is tough. You need to constantly find ways to set yourself apart and explain to potential customers why they should do business with you. One of the best ways to expose your business to many people at once is by working trade shows. The only problem is, your competition is there too! One of the best ways to show/make a big impression is to implement pop-up display boards in your overall trade show marketing strategy.

They come in a variety of background colours and sizes. They can fit on a tabletop, or you can purchase a stand and have them out in front, as an eye-catcher for the people walking by. Your goal is to get people to stop and engage in conversation. These will allow you to be as creative and thought-provoking as you like.

Of course the content that you put up on the display boards are equally important. You must integrate words, pictures and colours to create a compelling image. You don't want too many words, or words that are in small print - people are sure to walk on by. Remember, there are a lot of booths to see, and you have a very small window in which to catch their attention.

They can be highlighted with different accessories such as lights, to give illumination to the board. You can also use inexpensive items like balloons to draw attention. There is really no end to the possibilities.

Be sure to order all of the items you'll need far in advance so you are not scrambling the day before the trade show. You may have to experiment with the layout and content of your board to see what looks best. The pop-up style is quite versatile and sets up in a matter of minutes. It's also easy to dismantle at the end of the show.

Display boards are an integral part of your overall strategy. Make sure that the information you have displayed will entice potential customers and explain why your products or services are worth stopping for and conversing into. You need to capture their attention, but you also need to engage in a bit of conversation. Be sure you have flyers, brochures or business cards to hand out. Better yet, get their name and phone number so you can follow-up after the show. One of your main goals of a trade show is to acquire leads.
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