Gaining Success - In Work and Life

What is this thing success that everyone is going after? How are you going to gauge if you have reached success?

There are different definitions of success. Some go after awards and yet there are many cases where people doing excellent jobs or projects never receive an award. Some base success on wages with the more received wage the more success is given to it. Others go after a title and once reached feel that this is success. None of these however are proof of success. Awards, titles, and wages can all be very impressive but there have also been times when someone has all of this and is not thought well about which affects success.

So what happens to the definition of success if someone doesn't have a title and never receives an award? What happens to a person that makes a decent wage but no way comes near huge amounts in wages? Has success gone out the window?

It has to do with the definition. As training is done this is part of the training and education that should occur. Where is the employee or any person trying to accomplish? It is a service to guide people to attain their goals. These goals should be directing them to the success they wish to attain. Often though, the question is not asked. What are employees working towards both individually and in regards to the company?

Having success is reaching the defined goals. These goals need to be defined and the action plan made. So for anyone to have success it is about the goals that will fulfill that life. Yes there can be success at work and there should, and success at home, with sports and entertainment avenues, along with whatever goals are made. But the success comes when the goals are reached along the way and a life continues to go forward. Along the way there needs to be balance including fun along the way. If a life gets thrown off balance, success also suffers.

When looking at success a person needs to take into consideration the happiness that will come from the life lived. If the life is bringing joy through the goals attained then success is happening. If the defined goals are being gone after, then success is happening. It's a good idea to take the time to evaluate these once in a while. Success comes from the aspects of life (work, fun, friends, and family) that fills a life.

Liz Cosline
Ownership Coach - coaching people to the success of their goals and dreams through developed programs individually and business teams. Coaching people and teams to success.

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