Dear Sir / Madam,

This is our second time of sending you this message, we GLOBAL NADTRADE COMPANY LTD are marketing agent here in EUROPE

and we got your contact from one of your customers in EUROPE.

My company has asked me to make inquiries to your company sales/product, I wish to know the originality of this product

because we are aware of fake products.

So we wish to know how genuine this product is and the warranty of this product as we wish to make large amount in

purchase of this product.

Note: We operate with Linux System for security of our online transactions and your company's email has been configured

to work with Our Company's Data Base, to this note you are asked to login with your company's email to enable you view

our Purchase Order and List Of requirements.

Please Log into Our Company Webpage below to see our list Of Requirements.


That is, Our IT/Technical staff have uploaded the samples and specification on the directories above. You can log in

with your valid Business email and password to see the details of our order. Please note that these items are needed as

soon as possible in large quantity. Check the above link to view the sample.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Ms. Lena Peterson
Marketing & General Manager.
Global Nadtrade Company Ltd,
E-mail: nad.trade@europe.com
address: Box 510, SE-101 30 Stockholm,
Sweden Europe.
Tel: +46 (0) 8 342 11 00
Fax: +46 (0) 8 786 11 09


Dear good friend,

Dear good friend,


My name is Mrs. Avishag Doron Ephraim. I have to accomplish this favor since it is my last moment on earth.  Please I am writing you this letter from my sick bed.  Well, my greatest gratitude goes to the nurse who secretly provided me with the emailing materials to get to you. Life has slowly come to an end since i was diagnosed of Cancer some years back, my health condition has got so bad accompany with the death of my husband and my son who pass away on a landslide some years ago.

Sincerely, the suffering of my long time Pancreatic Cancer which had affected my hearing ability and my brain is unfortunately too much for me carry on. My condition has deteriorated so badly according to my doctor, I have now few or less than seven days to live because the cancer has gotten to a very bad stage.


In this detriment due to my current state of life, i have donated all my inherited belongings and left with my deposited fund of €5.5 Million Euros at a bank in Spain which i want to place in your favor. I have come through the Google private and public record to search out a reputable citizen to be in favor of my fund, and i hope my search as truly meet you as the right person. Further to accomplishing my life ends donation, please do provide me your Names and contact information to my Email avishag.d.ephraim@hotmail.com within this couple days to confirm my letter and releasing details on how you will proceed the claims of this fund. And if i may not hear from you before my death within the couple days, here is some personal WILL verification to contact my Attorney in Spain who will guide you in the process of claiming the fund by placing you as the Next of Kin, according to my WILL statement.


MY NAMES: Mrs. Avishag Doron Ephraim


PLACE OF BIRTH: Hadera District of Haifa

AGE: 64 / 17th of January 1950

OCCUPATION: CEO , Textiles, and Personnel Services Industries. 

NAME OF MY BANK: BankPyme S. L. U.

VALUE OF MY FUND IN DEPOSIT: € 5.5 Million Euros

MY BANK ACCESS ID: EPH7920004638426

However, my attorney Mrs. Isabella Gomez has all the details of my fund in the bank and she is under my instruction to assist you receive the money from the bank if you may provide her the above information. She will assist you with the required papers to enable the bank release my €5.5 Million Euros to you as the beneficiary of the funds upon my WILL for a  Next of Kin.


You will have to contact my attorney Mrs. Isabella Gomez to guide you to make sure that this transaction is carried out successfully. Please note that 20% of the total money should be giving to my attorney Mrs. Isabella Gomez for all his assistance to me. You can contact my attorney on the following contact information below.


Name: Mrs. Isabella Gomez

Address:  Avenida America S/n 28001 - Madrid Spain

Phone:  office 0034 632 179 511  (Private Tel:) oo34631792335

Fax:  0034 911 820 215

Email:  isabella.gomez.hispanic@outlook.es  (Private Email:)

I wish you the best as you make judicious use of the fund. Please do not forget to extend my assistance to some charity organization as soon as you receive the money from the bank. God bless you.


Mrs. Avishag Doron Ephraim